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Affordable Mechanics of America
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Frequently Asked Questions



  • How are you so much less money than everyone else?
    The company was started to help American's afford the rising costs of life. We exist to improve your quality of life and treat you like a VIP. Our CEO has a great fondness for the working middle class of America and wants to serve the people of the United States by reducing the cost of auto repair. As far as economics, even at our rate structure --- the company has healthy profits. That is how much other shops have been marking up repairs for the American people. Membership dues also offset our low rates.

  • Are your technicians good since you charge so little?
    All of our technicians are ASE Certified, professionally trained and many have degrees in Automotive Technology. The minimum amount of experience allowed to work at AMA is 10,000 hours, with our higher ranking technicians/GM's having 40-50,000 hours of experience. 90% of our technicians come from New Car Dealerships and large companies, such as Carmax. We actually pay them more than those companies, and give them more time with their families.

  • Do you have a shuttle?
    Every location has Black Car Service --- anywhere you need to go. Free of charge.

  • Do you guarantee your work?
    Absolutely. It's very important to us to maintain extremely high standards of quality. We offer a 18,000 Mile / 18 Month warranty.

  • Why would you charge so much less?
    Affordable Mechanics of America is an activist company. It exists to change the industry, to move the industry away from selling you things to actually servicing your needs, and not putting on the pressure sale tactic.

    Mission Statement

    To make an impact on Americans of all stripes by lowering their Auto Repair costs dramatically and treating them like family. 

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