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Affordable Mechanics of America
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Executive Team
Executive Team

Hello and Welcome!

    I founded Affordable Mechanics of America with the intention of changing the auto industry for the better. My goal is to blunt the vast majority of auto repair shops that have become so focused on making money that they've lost all care for the customers' well being. My goal is to be a disrupter in a very troubled industry. My goal is to roundly defeat the competition or at the very least, raise the standard for the whole industry.

    Honest shops do exist, but by and large, they are still prohibitively expensive and too focused on selling you things. Unfortunately, many shops, big and small, are not so honest, often telling you that you need repairs that aren't necessary and running up the bill for their benefit alone. In fact, at most major shops, technicians and managers are trained to sell as much as they possibly can. This is how getting new brakes can turn into a $2400 problem that you didn't know you had. 

    I have seen so many competitors quotes come into Affordable Mechanics of America that enrage me. People are being encouraged to repair things that are not broken, and thus end up unecessarily financially strained. Often times, the unsuspecting customer pays these absurd sums, having faith that the shop is being honest with them. This is, too much of the time, not so. The situation in the industry is dire and trust must be restored.

    I created Affordable Mechanics of America to give regular, hard-working people a fair deal and a "Gold Standard" experience to go along with it. This is about changing an industry in the favor of the consumer, while still operating a profitable and healthy company. This is about service and being a beneficial part of the communities we serve. This is about purpose. 

    Part of that mission includes hiring the very best people in the field. We employ expertly trained professionals, including military veterans, and ensure that they have great character and strong morals. We demand the highest level of excellence from our employees and we do not tolerate mediocrity or lackluster performance. Anyone who touches your car is a proven force in their field. We guarantee you that.

    I am personally invested in your satisfaction, and thus have opened a direct communication line between our customers and I. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. My pledge is to act quickly to resolve your concerns and guarantee every single customer becomes a lifelong customer of Affordable Mechanics of America.

    I would like to close by promising you this: our staff come to work every day with the purpose of serving you and advancing a positive change in this industry. We will stand by you, and we hope you will stand by us. Together, we can do tremendous things. This business was built for you. We want to give you a more affordable life, which means a better life. We want to fight greed. Join our cause today.


Warm Regards,

Britt Koball
Founder & CEO 



Brittain T. Koball
President and CEO


Britt Koball is the Founder, President and CEO of Affordable Mechanics of America. He has personally funded and overseen the development and expansion of AMA since 2015. He is involved in every aspect of AMA and works within the company daily to ensure that AMA is operating at the highest level of quality and integrity. Mr. Koball plans to directly compete with, and beat, the auto repair corporate monopolies that currently dominate all markets in the United States --- but that are dying off because of low product quality, low employee retention and pressure-sales based business models. Mr. Koball has committed to funding and developing AMA locations in all 50 states by 2030. He is driven by a desire to serve the American people and by a loathing of monopolistic business powers that put money before people.

    Mission Statement

    To counter a corrupt and greedy industry, mainly controlled by defacto corporate monopolies, by offering customer-focused auto repair and services with a guaranteed 30% savings and substantially better perks. We are an insurgent company acting on behalf of the interests of the people of the United States.

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