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Affordable Mechanics of America
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Welcome to the "For the People" Auto Services Company



When is the last time you experienced a company providing premier quality and service, but doing so at 50%* less than the competitors? It's not a common finding, we're aware of that. There's also a saying: "if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is". That's an accurate saying in most cases, but we invite you to try us and discover for yourself that we are the exception.

AMA's Founder and CEO got sick of being ripped off when it came to auto repair and decided to blunt the industry with a "For the People" Auto Repair chain that would be of "Gold-Standard" quality and would have upscale locations across the United States where people could save 35-55% -- and sometimes more -- on auto repair and services. Simply put, our mission is to make your $1,000 repair bill into a $500 repair bill and provide top-tier service and quality that you can trust

The hard-working people of America deserve a company dedicated to them. Dedicated to service. The world has run amuck in greed. Companies have turned their entire focus, by and large, to profits. Profits aren't bad, they must be part of any successful business. But how much is enough? It seems to only climb and climb for most companies. The prices are always headed upward for reasons that none of us really understand. We plan to be the anomaly of the corporate world.

Our core mission is to give you a more affordable life, which means a better life. Please join our cause and help us spread all around this great nation of ours so that our impact can be widespread and profound.  

Welcome and Enjoy,


Staff of AMA


Actual, Significant Savings
Actual, Significant Savings

No gimmicks. No games. No clever sales tricks, No Bait and Switch. We exist to deliver REAL SAVINGS to our customers and to give you an alternative to dishonest and profit centered mechanics and shops. You can count on 35-55% savings from our competitors. That means your $1,000 repair bill could easily become a $500 repair bill, for the same repair -- plus all our our perks! 

It's All About YOU!
It's All About YOU!


Customer Service is Priority #1. Affordable Mechanics of America's existence can be boiled down to one purpose: Making an impact. How we make our impact is by fighting back against the dishonesty and price-gouging that is too common in the Automotive Services industry. How do we do it?

  • Offer An Average of 44% Savings From Our Competitors
  • Deliver Exponentially Better Service Than the Competitors 
  • Hire Employees Who Believe In Our Mission --- Which Results In Care-Oriented Service For You
  • Offer Perks That No One Offers: Black Car Service, Loaners, Rental Reimbursements, Free Transporation To and From Shop
  • Guarantee Our Work
  • Integrity: We Will Never Sell You Something You Don't Need
  • Deliver All of This For Approximately Half the Cost of the Competitors

We believe by treating our customers better than they've ever been treated before, we will make an impact on their lives, help their lives, earn their loyalty and prosper together. It's a true win-win.


    Mission Statement

    To make an impact on Americans of all stripes by lowering their Auto Repair costs dramatically and treating them like family. 

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